My latest & greatest Amazon find – Graywind customizable, automated blinds

Our dining room bay window blinds
Photo by Andy Buscemi

For more than a year, I would avoid going into my dining room after sunset. Our five, narrow bay windows provided a beautiful view of our front yard and street during the day, but at night what I really wanted was simple – privacy. 

I researched window treatment solutions for quite some time without finding the right, “fit.” I needed affordable, custom-sized blinds – five of them – that would offer privacy without taking away from the natural light. I also wanted window treatments that were understated, yet elegant enough to complement the history and character of our century-old, Victorian farmhouse.

Our dining room bay windows before we installed Graywind blinds. They offered beautiful natural light during the day, but a lack of privacy at night. Photo by Neal Urban.

When I discovered Graywind’s motorized zebra sheer blinds on Amazon, I finally felt encouraged. The blinds were attractive, affordable, and would be cut to tailor the exact size of my windows. As an added bonus – they were automated! We would be able to operate them through Amazon Alexa or a remote control. 

Before committing to the blinds, I ordered Graywind’s fabric swatch booklet so my husband, Andy, and I could select the right color and get a sense of the fabric quality. We were impressed with both the color options and material, and decided on the shade, “wool-like beige.”

Fabric swatches

Once we received the blinds, Andy installed them within minutes. We connected them with Alexa so we could open or close the blinds with a simple voice command – or operate them with the remote control. With the remote control, we have the option of opening or closing each window blind individually. We can easily raise or lower the blinds to whatever degree we want, and adjust them so that they are either completely opaque, or so they let in the natural light. Another perk: the blinds are battery operated and rechargeable, and last for several months before needing to be recharged.

All in all, our new blinds are my new favorite Amazon find! If you are looking for an attractive, affordable, convenient, high-quality, custom-blind option – I highly recommend Graywind’s motorized zebra blinds.

Photos by Andy Buscemi

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