Paint colors in my home

One of my most frequently asked questions is – what are the paint colors in your home? So let’s dive in….

Choosing paint colors and an overall paint palette for your home can be a daunting process. Full disclosure – we were a bit overwhelmed with all of the choices when preparing to move into our new (current and forever) home. Paint color preferences are extremely personal and we wanted our home to feel like “us.” Plus, we were coming from our first home (and an era) where everything was painted in cool gray tones. So – we knew what we DIDN’T want – and had to figure out what we actually wanted.

Enter the pandemic, lots of time at home, and binge watching episodes of Dream Home Makeover. We were first introduced to Benjamin Moore’s (BM) Swiss Coffee by Shea and Sid McGee, and we fell in love – with the color – and, well – the name. From there, I introduced more color into our palette by choosing gray paint that generally leaned warmer had green and blue undertones – or a mix of both. Below I show ten rooms in our home and the paint colors we chose for each space – and at the end you will find a full color chart – complete with the brand and color code for each shade of paint!

Before committing to a paint color – I recommend making a quick trip to the paint store – acquiring several swatches of your desired paint color – taping the swatches together, and hanging them on the wall in your room. Move the swatches around the room at different times of day and make sure you are observing how the color reacts in your space in natural light vs. nighttime when you turn on the lights.

I hope this helps in your own process – and if you feel you need more guidance – please feel free to submit a design inquiry and I would be happy to help you choose paint colors for your entire home or select space!

Foyer | Grand Staircase – This space truly made us fall in love with our home! It was painted an orangey-beige and we couldn’t wait to cover it with Swiss Coffee. The antique arched mirror and stained glass windows (and the precious newborn portraits my husband Andy Buscemi took of our boys) now take center stage. Our entryway bench was originally a chippy-white color: I initially painted over it with Sherwin Williams’ (SW) Silver Strand, changed my mind, and re-painted it BM’s Pashmina – a creamy and warm, gray-beige paint color. I love Pashmina and can’t wait to use it in other areas of my home!

Harry Potter Under-the-Staircase Powder Room – how adorable is this tiny bathroom! I had to crouch behind the toilet to get this shot ha ha. There’s lots more I want to do in here – I’d like to DIY my own roman shade for the square window, switch out – or somehow add more character to – the vanity, and paint the ceiling so that the entire room is drenched in this gorgeous color.

Kitchen Dry Bar Cabinets – we added these cabinets – as well as the command center area cabinets to the right of them – after we moved into our home. I’m actually sitting at my command center desk typing this blog post now! Our dry bar has a drink fridge and has become a functional and beautiful space for our family!

Dining Room Trim Moulding & Stencil – SO excited for this one! I’m partnering with Royal Design Studio Stencils and could not be more honored! I poured over their pages and pages of gorgeous stencils and kept coming back to this one.

April 2024: Edited to add an “AFTER” shot featuring my dining room stencil (how-to blog post coming soon!):

Front Porch – the walls are painted in SW Creamy and the concrete floors in SW Anew Gray. We love spending time on our front porch!

Master Bedroom – Our bedroom feels so calm with the neutral shades of paint – I’ve slowly introduced more subdued blue and white tones to bring in color and look forward to switching out our current rug with one that has more color as well. We can’t add curtains to the window to the left of the fireplace because of the radiator – but I am thinking of possibly adding a roman shade to that window. So many possibilities! Remember home takes time – and there’s something to be said about living and experiencing the whole process.

Laundry Room | Dressing Room – Isn’t this the cutest space? There’s more I want to do – add roman shades or curtains and a larger, more colorful rug for under my make-up table. This antique table and bench were my maternal grandmother’s – she used them to do desk work. These are such special, inherited pieces from her that I treasure! And yes – that is an Audrey Hepburn doll. I happen to love Audrey Hepburn and my mom gave it to me years ago!

Nursery | Nico’s Room – I wanted to paint the entire room in Cushing Green but Andy didn’t want to – so we compromised with the one wall. I still think it would look gorgeous painted all one color – we will see what Nico wants to do as he gets older!

Living Room – This space continues to evolve and there’s so much more I want to do! I originally thought of putting an antique arched cabinet where the current shelving is – but right now open shelving is what makes sense for our family. The kids have easy access to their baskets of toys!

Note: all of the TRIM PAINT in our home is Sherwin Williams Emerald Urethane Trim Enamel in the semi-gloss sheen.

As I reach the end of this post, I’m realizing that I have more paint colors to share! Our interior and exterior home doors, our main bathroom, and more! I promise I will share those shades in a “Part II.” Thank you for reading and I hope you found this helpful! Follow me on Instagram @maplehousebuffalo for more interior design inspiration!

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