See how I make this simple & beautiful rosebud heart wreath – perfect for your Valentine’s, spring or wedding decor!

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This floral heart wreath is such a pretty addition to your Valentine’s decor and can be created to look high-end on a total budget! You can also repeat this simple craft using other wreath forms for various holidays/times of year.

I was able to find all of the items pictured here at Dollar Tree. I’ve also linked similar items below in case your local Dollar Tree has run out.

List of Materials:

Dollar Tree Blush Pink Roses


  • Open/unfold non-slip rug pad and cut long strips – mine were at least 2 inches wide.
  • Hot glue the end of one strip to the metal wreath form.
Heart-shaped metal wreath
  • Begin wrapping rug pad snuggly around wreath form; secure opposite end with hot glue.
  • Cut a new piece and repeat process.
  • Once your metal wreath form is completely wrapped, trim stems off of roses leaving about a half-an-inch of the stem sticking out below the rose.
  • Squeeze hot glue onto base of roses/stem and stick each rose into the rug pad.
  • Finish by covering entire front surface of wreath form with roses so you can no longer see the rug pad from the front or side views of the wreath.
Blush pink rose wreath
Blush pink heart wreath for front door & Valentine’s Day decor.

I hope this DIY tutorial was helpful to you! Please feel free to email or comment with any questions. Enjoy and Happy Valentine’s Day!

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